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31 January 2013 @ 11:25 pm
[teaser] old flame  

Sophomore year is almost upon me, training starts next week, and there's a lot of fics to write and finish but here I am again with another teaser. But hey, this is inspired from In Your Arms Tonight (Genji's route) and I have to write while everything is still fresh.

to her—
he was nothing
but a summer fling
a souvenir from vacation
an adventure to tell her friends
and gush about
like some trophy won
and worst of all,
a rebound

to him—
she was his best friend’s best friend
a stranger,
an outsider to his world
an eventual winter fling
and worst of all,
the one who broke his heart

she broke down his walls
and he let her
a bad decision on his part
and hers too

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