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29 January 2013 @ 12:44 am
[two shot] Usui Takumi  

title: Usui Takumi
summary: It should be illegal to fall in love with someone you can't have, someone out of this world. AU, sasusaku
inspiration Vincent, the first and only person I’ve met to be the closest thing to a manga character. I’m sure you’ll find your Ayuzawa Misaki soon. Don’t give up yet :)
dedication: my sisters Claire, guys like him actually exists! Don’t look for him, he’ll find you *winks* &Rin-chan, for sharing some of these moments with me
author’s notes i’ve had this plot in my head for nearly a year but whenever i tried to write it, i just can’t seem to find the right words. even while writing this, i just can’t feel satisfied. but i needed to reduce the notes in my ipod touch so here it is.

Part 1 of 2

She first met Usui Takumi through her best friend and fellow otaku, Yamanaka Ino, back in Grade 9. The first impression she had of him was that there’s no way a guy as perfect as him exists in real life. Guys like him only exists in manga, only limited to a drawn figure of black ink against white paper, and given colour only on the occasional coloured cover and first pages. He was the very epitome of fictitious characters

But even though she believed that, she easily fell in love with him and held him in a pedestal.

That was what she believed in until eleventh grade, when she actually met a guy like him.


a guy as perfect as him
do not exist
cannot exist
because he is simply
out of this world


Who transfers on their last two years of high school?

Well, apparently she does. Otherwise, she’d still be wearing maroon and black instead of the green and yellow uniform KSC was renowned for. What were her parents thinking, transferring her to a school that’s one hour bus away from their house when she could just attend KSHS that was just five minutes’ walk away, just as she had been doing for the past ten years?

Oh yeah, they think KSC will give her a better chance to gain entry to the prestigious University of Konoha, being an elite school and all.

Easy for them to decide, they’re not the one who was going to endure two hours’ journey in a bus. For forty weeks, five days a week.

And you know what’s worse? At the moment, she couldn’t find her classroom for Advanced Maths.

There’s M2, M3, M4, M5. Where on earth was M1?!

Her green eyes spotted the teacher who gave her her lock and locker number earlier at homeroom.

Stamping the shyness she’s feeling and tired of walking back and forth along the crowded M-block, she approached the teacher with black hair styled into a short bob and kind dark brown eyes.

“Excuse me, sensei?” she started shyly then saw the gold-plate name tag pinned just above her front pocket. “Shizune Katou. Science Department,” it read.

“Ah, you’re the new girl, right?”

“Hai. Uhm, I can’t find the classroom M1.”


Shizune turned her head a couple of times before letting out a triumphant, “Aha!” The science teacher turned back to the lost new student with a smile and points to a red door in front of them, where ten boys were lining up next to.

“Gentlemen,” Shizune addressed the boys, “take care of her, will you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the boys chorused. The one at the very front, with black spiky hair and darkdarkdark brown eyes to match, was smiling—no, that’s not a smile; he’s smirking at her. She thought he looked vaguely familiar.

Their sensei arrived just before the second bell and held the door open for them to come in. She’s the last one to enter, the boys having fell in line in front of her, and heard the teacher utter as in surprise: “a girl, huh?”

The boys took the seat at the back, all of them, so she was left with no choice but to take the one at the very front. Oh, did she say there were only two rows in the room?

The room was small. Very small. No wonder she had trouble finding it. The teacher, white-haired and wearing a dark blue allergy mask, introduced himself as Kakashi Hatake.

“10 students, huh? 9 boys and a girl. Interesting,” he was saying as he started to write on the board.

| -2| =

“Can anyone tell me the answer?”

She bit her lip. She knew she should’ve read ahead. What was she thinking? Baka baka baka...!

“Negative 20?” she heard one of the boys in the back say. She turned to see that it was the smirking guy from earlier, initially impressed that he answered when no one else seemed to be clueless before realising that the question was not mere subtraction.

The vertical lines between the negative sign and two didn’t strike her as one.

“How did you get that?” Kakashi didn’t sound surprised, only curious.

“Well, I just subtracted them.”

“Oh. Those lines are not one. Haven’t any of you heard of the absolute value?”

Sitting at the front sucked because she couldn’t see what was happening at the back, therefore she wasn’t sure if her classmates were shaking their head just as she did in response to the question.

Then their white-haired teacher started his lecture on absolute value.

First day went off without any more dramas but she realised by the end of the day, that the spiky-haired smirking boy from her Advanced Maths class whose name she found out in PE to be Sasuke Uchiha was in her every single class.

Every single one of them.

Even English.

The following day, she found out that he’s also in her homeroom.



she's the new girl
but she's just another girl
she's no princess


Spending time in the same seven classrooms for a whole day every week did not mean they’re going to become best of friends. She knew that from the beginning. As a matter of fact, in the six weeks of the semester that passed they’d never spoken to each other at all. She doubted he even knew her name.

Of course, even without speaking to each other she still learned a lot of things about him.

He’s a perfect gentleman; he’d always open doors for the teachers and girls.

He’s intelligent; he literally got a 100% for every test they’ve had so far, even the first physics one that she barely passed.

He’s athletic; he can play any sport there was – basketball, soccer, football, badminton, tennis, and he brought in at least three gold medals in the track and field events during the sports carnival to their house.

He’s popular too, especially among the girls.

In the six weeks she’s known Sasuke Uchiha, she saw him as the epitome of perfection, almost as if he’s Usui Takumi in flesh.

Only he’s an arrogant jerk. A big one. The biggest one there was. Of course he has the skills to support is arrogance but still!

Want a proof? Well, he only pushed her in the pool. Can you believe him?

“He didn’t actually push you, forehead. He pulled you, remember?” Ino corrected her with a laugh.

“It’s the same thing!” she yelled at her best friend.

“No, it wasn’t. And I don’t really understand what you’re complaining about. I think it’s romantic.”

Her jaw dropped at her best friend’s words. “ROMANTIC? What was romantic about pulling a sick girl, who was only there in the event to give out towels to the swimmers, in the pool, huh?”

“Please, you’re overreacting,” her friend rolled her eyes at her.

“You’re not the one who’s been missing school for the past three days because of a fever due to the stunt he pulled.”

“But I’m the one who’s keeping this sick friend accompany when I should be doing my Chem homework.”

“You don’t do homework.”


“You know what? We should just change topics. How’s KSHS? I’m missing you guys so much!”



“Not this again,” her best friend Ino, groaned on the phone.

“But Ino, you don’t understand! He’s UGH!”

“You’re just in denial.”


“I said yes, he’s so hateful.”

“I know right? He’s so unbelievable.”


just so you know darling,
hate isn't the opposite of love
thought I should tell you


Twenty one weeks later, whatever dislike and hate she felt for him was replaced with pity. It’s time for the Student Council election and Sasuke Uchiha, like everyone thought he would, ran for the Head Boy position only to lose it to Neji Hyuuga.

She didn’t feel sorry for him because he lost but of what happened after that.

He ran for the Prefect position but in his absence, she overhead her classmates who were supposedly is “friends” talking behind his back.

“I’m not going to vote for him.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t deserve it.”

“If he can became the Head Boy, his ego would only expand.”

“And it’s big enough as it is.”

She wanted to tell them off but couldn’t find her voice to do so. Who was she to do it anyway? Sasuke Uchiha was not her friend... but why did she feel guilty about it and voted for him when wasn’t planning to in the first place?


his name on her lips
taste like taboo
and so she calls him
Usui Takumi
in her head


He knew her name. Sasuke Uchiha actually knew her name. Not that it’s a big deal, of course. She’s just glad that he knew who she was and that she exists.

When he said her name,


And talked to her, even if it was just to ask her about the lesson he missed when he was called for the Student Council pictorial and for her notes, which she willingly gave in a heartbeat.

It was at the moment that she realised that she truly likes him. Has been since... since that first day when he answered even if he knew it was wrong, when he showed effort... and she has been in denial ever since.

That’s why she hated is guts. Not because he’s too arrogant but because yeah, you know, she liked him.

I’d tell him next year, at graduation. At least then, even if he doesn’t reciprocate my feelings... we’d probably never see each other again after that.


nothing gold ever stays
you've had your chances
and you just let them slipped away
like sand through your fingers
I'm sorry baby
but this is goodbye


Senior year. Twelfth grade. Soon high school will be over.

This year, she still shared every single class with Sasuke Uchiha. And even though they don’t talk at all, Sakura thought that it’s enough, contenting herself with admiring boy of her dreams from afar.

On the second week, he entered English wearing his standard KSC polo shirt but it’s written all over with blue and black ink. And she knows what it means, what it has to mean. Having worn her KSHS blouse the same way at the end of tenth grade. Dread filled her.

Because he’s leaving.

Apparently he’s moving to Oto and that day was his last day in KSC.

She knew she didn’t have a chance with him. After all even though he’s Usui Takumi in flesh but she’s not Ayuzawa Misaki and never will be.

She was going to confess to him in graduation. That’s the plan. Now he’s leaving and it will never ever happen. Dammit. She’s not ready yet.

You can still do it though. You can tell him today and then you’ll never meet again. If you don’t you’ll lose that chance forever.

But she’s not ready.

The last period arrived. Kakashi walked in their little classroom and saw Sasuke’s written-all-over shirt but he didn’t look surprised.

“So Sasuke, I heard you’re moving to Oto,” he starts conversationally.

She supposed the news of Mr. Perfect leaving had already travelled to each corner of KSC.


“Shame,” the teacher murmured, “you’re my favourite student.”

Sasuke didn’t say anything. What does a student say when a teacher tells you something like that anyway?

“Well, I’m giving you a choice then. Seeing as this was your last day. Do you want to do work or just, I don’t know, exchange some last words with your friends?”

Sakura, who heard this, groaned mentally. If they don’t work what will she do for the next fifty-five minutes? There’s no way Sasuke Uchiha will exchange “last words,” as Kakashi-sensei described it, with her.

ldquo;The second one sounds good,” he finally said, effectively choosing her doom.


The guys cheered behind her while all she wanted nothing at the moment but to repeatedly hit her head against the desk.

Kakashi and Sasuke exchanged a few words. The teacher asked where in Oto he’s moving to (Sasuke answered, Hebi City), if he has a school to transfer to, when he’s moving, etc etc. before sensei ended their conversion, wishing him good luck.

What happened next was something she didn’t expect. Someone pulled the empty chair next to her and sat on it. She didn’t turn to look, not wanting to disappoint herself. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Are you really going to ignore me on my last day?”

She easily recognised the voice. It’s the voice she’s been hearing since last year in her every class, answering whatever question the teachers throw at them.

Finally, she turned to face him and there he was, Sasuke Uchiha, with his smirk.

“You’re late for homeroom so I didn’t get you to sign my shirt,” he told her and handed her a clean and unwritten white shirt, and a black marker pen.

He probably saw the look of surprise in her face so he explained. “My other shirt was full... there’s no more space for you to write on so...”

“Oh,&rdquo of course, “sure.”

He rested his face on the back of his hand, watching her as she write her message below the left front packet (no, there’s nothing symbolic about it).

His gaze on her is unsettling her so she’s willed herself to focus on her message to ignore him.

Once she’s done, she handed him back is shirt with a smile and wishing him “good luck”.


He returned to his seat at the back row with the rest of the guys, talking about things boys talk about (soccer, games, etc.), until the bell rang to signal the end of the day.

“Oi guys, don’t go yet!” Kakashi called after them before they could make it to the door, “class picture!”

As if he knew Sasuke was leaving, he pulled out a digital camera and a tripod camera stand from his bag.

Sasuke was in the middle because he’s the one leaving, and she’s placed next to him because she’s the only girl in the class. Kakashi sets the timer and runs to is place next to Neji, who was at the very end, just before the camera flashed.

The moment they walk out the door was the moment Sakura knew will be the last she’ll see of Sasuke Uchiha.


and as she watches his back,
growing smaller by distance
she knows why they can never be


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Reia Aiannaiagoldendoe06 on January 31st, 2013 12:14 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you Callie.

I was really worried about this fic because I couldn't write it, I feel like it's cursed haha.

I thought about doing that at first, using Misaki and Usui's actual relationship but then I remembered high school and I ended up with this.

Part 2 should coming soon :) Thank you again!